• Laurel

Just Be Held

Did we ever mention what visiting people was like when we traveled in a van? We were invited to stay in the homes of our loved ones. Overnight. Multiple days. It wasn't just one meal or a quick game night. We got to hear about the serious good and the serious bad. We were witnesses of some of the good times and also the tears. This wasn't Instagram. This wasn't the yearly Christmas letter. Friends and family shared the tough stuff with us. Please know that we love you so much!

A song that often comes on my Pandora station, Just Be Held by Casting Crowns, immediately brings my thoughts to those who are facing crappy times. I pray that you'll feel held through it all. Life is tough. Life is beautiful. Life is messy. Just be held.

As our daughter cries, I think of all the things she may need. There are times that all I can do is hold her close to offer some form of comfort for whatever is troubling her. As adults, we still need that same feeling of comfort!


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