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Living Life One Season at a Time

Our season of life has excitement, new roles, uncertainty, and some longing. We are thrilled to share a picture of our healthy Sweet Little at 20 weeks. Pregnancy has been such an amazing part of our journey.

Both Nate and I have new roles as full-time employees. Nate is battling the MN winter weather at an outdoor services company. His favorite part of the job is being outside. Although he wishes he had a flamethrower for snow and ice removal. 😉 Spring, Summer, & Fall will bring new and warmer tasks.

I'm remembering my way around Microsoft Office in an admin assistant role at a top-notch clinic. My favorite part of the job is walking by the grand pianos placed all over our campus; anyone can play them and the sound floods the space with beauty and hope in what could be a tough day for many of our patients. This place does amazing things for people in their darkest days.

Our uncertainty comes with finding a home. Prices are high and homes are going fast. We continue to be grateful for a loving home to stay in while we search. Living with a longing can easily steal the present away from us. We are trying to view our love of living and working on the island in Maine as a treasure and not let it cause us to be ungrateful for where we live and work today. The Island Farm is pristine, our labor was fascinating, the staff is caring and full of awesome knowledge of things we are curious about. Also, lobster isn't $18.99 per pound like it is in this land-locked state! So much variety was packed into our days there. It's so nice to know we are welcome back any time. Plus, we owe it to our little one to show him/her that special place his/her life started. 😊


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