• Laurel Gustafson

Battling Low Self-Esteem

When my self-confidence is so fragile, how can I find contentment in my days?


My self-esteem fight comes partly from when I learned to always put others' needs in front of my own and more so from being slapped in the face with an affair in my first marriage. Two big things that made me feel less important, less worthy.


I don't have one. Making progress has taken time in self-reflection... and will continue all of my days. 

Who am I to myself?

Who am I to my Creator?

Who am I to my family and friends?

I am beloved.

I am a much-loved person.

Cherished. Treasured. Dear. Precious. Daily reminders to myself are key. It is a constant struggle to place my thoughts in the correct place. *I don't have to earn it. Nothing will increase my inherent value.  *Trying to fit in by pretending to be someone I'm not does not make me more accepted. *Trendy clothing and make-up do not make me more beautiful. *Spending money to keep up with the neighbors will not put me ahead. *My career and income (or lack thereof) do not define who I am. Putting these statements into practice are my ways to put this struggle into the boxing ring and face it head-on. The hardest part of it all is knowing I can't control what others do... even when it directly affects me. I can control my response to them and I can love freely as a person who has been gifted with infinite grace and unconditional love. 

I don't need to hold back on sharing and showing it. Love wins. 



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