• Laurel Gustafson

More flower pictures, really?!?!

Remember the days when the only 'save' option in a camera was film? What I chose to fill up my 110 with were faces of friends and family, often in scenic locations. I loved my pictures of people!! During the same time, I found it so dull to look at others photos when the subject wasn't people. So boring! My mom often chose flowers (I love you, Mom). More and more I feel the urge to take out the camera for the beautiful colors in front of me - whether it be flowers, fauna, or the bright sky. I get it. There's more to be seen. Those moments captured reflect a discovery. A beautiful discovery in the messiness and ugliness that life often takes us through. 

I'll be taking a lot more of these photos. Life isn't perfect but it is full of perfection.  


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