• Laurel Gustafson

April showers bring May flowers.

The May Day sky over Maine is dark and grey. The clouds are drizzling over us like flour through a sieve, which sent me to seek out new growth on the island farm. Vibrant as ever is the rhubarb plant pushing it's way out of the earth.

The colors. The patterns. The beauty. 

It survived the long, dark, and bitter days of winter and is all the more hardy for it. The thought of a strawberry rhubarb crisp has me drooling! In spending time with friends & family around the country, many have shared about their metaphorical dark winter. Our hearts hurt for you and crave hope with you. I pray for a spring bloom to show itself to you in a new way. I wish for joyful moments as you wait and a giant pillow of comfort to surround you during the hardest days. Many years ago I felt like I had lost at life. I faced the most unexpected loss and it hurt. It hurt so deep. And I searched... searching high and wide for joy outside of the loss of my first marriage. Many of you reading this showed up for me in the most rich ways. I think back to how my friends, family, and colleagues were renewed pillars of support. Treasures. Gems. Diamonds. My life-garden bloomed through you. Even if it isn't in person, I want to be there for you. I want to live this messy life with you. The pain can't be taken away and it can't be forgotten, but new moments of sunshine can start to push it aside. Happy May Day. Be hardy, -lng


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