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Traveling Thank Yous

If it will be a year that we travel the US without jobs, we are reaching the 3/4 point. It has been a very rewarding decision to make the leap into vehicle living. Although we are giving up daily comforts and routines, we get so much joy from the flexibility of our days. Even though many ideas are floating through our heads, our future jobs and home location are still uncertain; maybe the rest of the trip will shed some light on that. Maybe it won't. I've come to expect less long-term answers while being more mindful of my daily choices.

Here's where I'm going with this post: it has been an absolute pleasure to have spent time with our friends and family in their homes all across the US. To those people, you've made this trip so rich. Your time spent with us means more to us than the picturesque beauty across the country. Warm hearts are more gorgeous than nature. We can't thank everyone enough!

  • Hauber (NY)

  • Labrecque (NH)

  • Hauber (NC)

  • Caratelli (VA)

  • Gustafson (VA)

  • Ragano (IL)

  • Ericson (IL)

  • Classen (MN)

  • Bohlke (MN)

  • Beenken (MN)

  • Classen (MN)

  • Gustafson (MN)

  • Dyslin (MN)

  • Schwalbe (MO)

  • Martinez (TX)

  • Lopez (TX)

  • Calvillo (TX)

  • Burton (NC)

  • Gustafson (PA)

  • Kennedy/Flanagan (MA)

We also spent brief (but quality) time with other family, old friends, and new friends:

  • Collin Gustafson

  • Anthony Ongaro

  • Batys

  • Michelle Neumann

  • Proehls

  • Jerry Oman

  • Esenrichs

  • Padre Island camping crew

  • Kromers

  • Julie Healy

  • Tracey & Andrea

I'm sure I've inadvertently left off a few names... and there will be more people to add to the list as we travel.

When we have a spot to call our own, we will be offering that hospitality right back! We'd love to have you over (wherever that might be).


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