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Having a child will change everything!

November 25, 2018


We agree it changes a lot, but not everything.


With news of a baby on the way, we planned to settle down. We searched for a home that we would want to live in for many years. We dreamed of how we would use these 3 acres in so many fun ways.


The daily reality of our lives looks a lot different than imagined. A different job means commuting separately; a lot more driving than we expected. And while working opposite days is great for our baby, it isn't great that time is short with our whole family. When we are all together, there are so many necessary/unnecessary responsibilities to take care of that we agreed to by signing a mortgage.


Here we are in the middle of our decision-making. We know we need something different. We need to spend more time together. We need to rejuvenate outdoors with more than chores. The flame of adventure and exploring still burns strong.  


Our commitment to each other is a lot stronger than our commitment to things, even big things like a house. 


...but now, what do we do?


We'll work on it.

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